Thursday, October 9, 2014

Daily School Report #3


     Today again I needed to leave during his ABA therapy hours in the morning. My mom was watching him and she told me he did alright for the therapist and also getting on the bus without me being there. I was really worried about the getting on the bus part of it because hes never got on the bus without me before. I asked his therapist would she help my mom and she told me she would, which settled me down a bit about leaving him there. It not that my mom doesn't know what she doing with kids, its just we formed a routine and I wanted to make she everything was done and done right. 

There was a sub teacher today so his paper is a little different compared to what normally comes home.

Today at school Dylan did the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher.
  • Requested single object with picture.
  • Completed fine motor skill activity.
  • Sat for 5 minutes at group without adult assistance.
His daily classroom actives were
  • Play skills
  • Morning work
  • Speech
  • Group speech
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Calendar
  • Lunch
  • Handwriting Program
Type of day was marked as a great day but no noted were given as to why, on days when there's a sub teacher I wont know much about anything that went on for his day, his regular teacher prefers them not to fill out the notes and comments part. Dylan therapist did visit him at school today and she told me Dylan sat at the table a really long time and was making tons of sounds. Glad she could go on a day when there was a sub, it was kinda like sending in a super spy because I knew there was going to be a sub, so I also knew there wouldn't be much of a note. I also knew she would tell me what he was doing while she was there and that made it OK to not get a note:)


     Today was an awesome day for Jasmine (in a sarcastic tone) she caught head lice! The school sent home a notice that it was going around school so I immediately checked through her hair. AND BAM there the little critters were mostly eggs but OMG eww.  I have been dreading this since she started school and she yet to catch it yet until now. And oh' boy was I worried we have 8 people living in our home full time and 5 of them are kids! So i'm running around the house gathering up kids to check them saying "get in the light,get in the light" my house has horrible lighting UGH. I rustle threw everyone hairs including all the adults my sister and husband, had my sister check me. No one but Jasmine had them I must have caught them just as she got them, and man oh man do I feel lucky because if everyone got them in my house could you imagine! I don't even wanna. Thank goodness the school sent home a flyer telling parents to check because of a outbreak at school. I would have never thought to check. Kids just catch EVERYTHING at school don't they?

  Cheer was tonight I kept her home. She wasn't happy about it but I assured her it was for the best that she didn't want any of her friends to catch lice because that meant that they couldnt go to school either or cheer and they would be sad too. I'm also keeping her home tomorrow and calling the school to inform them of it, so they can check everyone in her class room. I used Licefreee Spray! its a non-toxic treatment, free of chemicals pesticides. So watch out for a review as to how well it worked for her

    On a good note Jasmines's teacher let me know today Jasmine wasn't hiding her homework in her locker after all, it was in her desk the whole time. She sent all the unfinished work home with her marked late on them but we will still turn them in because late is better then never. In the future through I really hope Jasmine can see the importance of homework and start to bring it home more. I read somewhere if you called it something other then homework kids would enjoy it more, I'm not sure I would agree with that but I haven't tried it yet. So i will and we shall see  if calling it something like "study time" gets her all revved up to do her homework.

What a Crazy day! Usually I would have tried to get this out sooner but with all that happened today I been so busy
Till' next time

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