Friday, December 19, 2014

DSR - 12/19/14 - Christmas Vacation Begins

OK OK so I remember to give all my children there meds every single day, but when it comes to me taking one Melatonin pill at night, nope. I have got to figure out how to remember myself in all these routines that go on in the house. I didn't go to sleep until 5:30 am who does that? I'll tell ya who, me the glorified Night Owl since birth. I just never like to close my eyes, I could even be tired and fighting my way threw it, my eyes would still be open. I had to cancel ABA today, because lets face it when you go to sleep at 5:30 am no alarm is going to be able to wake you up at 9 am. Dylan will have ABA Monday and Tuesday of the next couple of weeks, that's it. Yesterday was Dylan's last day of school and today was Jasmines. WooHoo Let Christmas vacation begin!

Some really interesting things happened today. My grandma stopped by, bringing us some food that she had extra of.  We had a very nice visit. When she was about to head out, Pastor, from the church we recently started attending, showed up on my door step. HE drove all the way to my house from 45 minutes away just to tell us how happy he was to see us at church every Sunday. I thought it was really cool and I told him, I couldn't believe he would drive all the way out here to the sticks just to say hi. I think we found a nice community:) I like that they make us feel so welcome to be part of it :)

I also cleaned....I cleaned a lot actually. I hate cleaning, I wouldn't say I'm totally lazy, but if I could I would hire a maid. LOL. I just have so many other things I could be doing beside mopping floors and doing dishes you know?  I told my grandma over this vacation, I'm finally ready to possibly paint my unfinished kitchen we started making over like a year ago. My floors, cabinets, and counter tops all very lovely. Then you see the no paint or trim aspect and it looks like blah. We did our entire kitchen ourselves and I'm proud of what we did do, but it needs to be finished.  

DYLAN LICKED CHIPS.  Doritos taco flavor, first time I ever handed that boy something and he actually put it inside his mouth. Like literally put the chip in his mouth and sat it on his tongue, I thought he might take a bite but he didn't. I told him if he liked tacos and would eat them, I would cook them for him everyday if he wanted. And I mean it, every single day would be taco day at my house if it meant Dylan was going to eat something besides a nutrition drink.

I'm look forward to just spending time with the kids. I miss them a lot when they are in school. Its great for like the first house or so after they leave, but then I'm like why is it so quiet?

I know this is probably the first day of vacation for many of your kids and so I want to wish you all Happy Holidays and may your winter breaks be a blast :)

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