Thursday, January 29, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Bath Salts -100% Pure Review

Product Description:

Dead Sea Salts are the Best Bath Salts on The Planet - Much Higher Mineral Concentration than Epsom Salt! with a High Concentration of Minerals which are Essential for Proper Skin Health and Beauty

Adovia Dead Sea Salt is Fine Grain for Faster Dissolving - Packaged in a Resealable Zip Lock Bag

Provides relief from Psoriasis, Eczema, and Arthritis symptoms. Formulated with over 26 essential minerals the body needs for natural soothing and relaxation.

Find Relief from Aches and Pains by Soaking in a Bath full of these Salts. Rejuvenates, exfoliates, and softens while it soothes!

Contains absolutely zero additives, colors, or scents. Higher Level of Minerals and Relief than Epsom Salts


We suffer from Eczema in my house bad. Also my husband currently has a ankle injury that is taking forever to heal. He has a lot of pain with that after he has worked long hard days at the factory. While I have been using the bath salts for my eczema, Joe has also been using these bath salts daily for foot/ankle soaks.

When I use in a full tub I put 1 full cup of the salt in there and let them dissolve before I get in. When I get in, it is super relaxing. You do get a kinda of ocean salt smell its kind of strong, but I expected that these are Dead Sea Salts. I soaked for about 20 minutes give or take, and then let the water drain finishing off but a rinse in the shower. I have only been using the Salts about 2 times a week and its keeping my eczema at bay. I feel less itchy overall and soft. My feet thank these salts for sure. I had about a full layer or two of dead skin come off of them after my first soak. You get that nice relaxed breathable feeling after using these, its hard to describe. Your skin can breath again!

Now when my husband was using the salts as a foot soak for his injured ankle, he also said that it was very relaxing. It also said that it would reduce the swelling and the pain making it easier for him to go to bed at night. Normally he would have a hard time getting his ankle comfortable enough to fall asleep. After using the salts he had no problem. This will be our go to product for Joe's ankle injury now he just loves the Adovia dead sea bath salts.

We both would recommend this product to anyone with a injury like Joe's ankle injury and also to anyone looking for a great bath salt for everyday soaks. Very relaxing!

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I hope you found this review helpful:)

Big thanks to Adovia Mineral Skin Care for allowing us to try there product free of charge for an honest review :)

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