Thursday, January 29, 2015

Daily School Report 01/29/15

I kept Dylan home again, he slept till about 11 am. He had slept all of yesterday only waking upto take a few sips of pedi-sure and pedi-lite. He did sleep the entire night without waking up at all until 11 am, and he woke up hungry. I gave him a cup of pedi-sure he drank that down quick and then followed right after a cup of pedi-lite. Then soon after I had to leave.

Today I took Jasmine to get her hard cast put on her foot. She chose college football Michigan colors.

Yup "GO BLUE" :)

Jasmine ended up panicking over the appointment in the morning, so she had to stay home from school. But she will go back tomorrow. Dylan seems well now, still a has a bit of sinus drainage but he is eating and drinking well. He may go back to school tomorrow. I going to see how ABA goes and then decide if he should go or not. Right now he seems pretty content, but he still doesn't really want to come out of his room. He did use his trampoline today, which probably means his stomach is feeling much better. I cant imagine that he would use the trampoline otherwise.

Well thanks for stopping by and stop back tomorrow and maybe there will be a normal report:P

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