Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Daily School Report 01/28/15

Well I have finally figured out what was wrong with Dylan this entire time this week and probably last week as well. He caught a bug, poor thing has been in bed all day sleeping not eating or drinking very much, just sleeping. I think his stomach is mostly upset from sinus drainage, but he did start throwing up today. Its not very much, when he does and it only happens when he turns on his back while sleeping. When he's on his side hes fine.  I do believe, he will be out of school tomorrow as well. I already canceled tomorrows ABA session. I have been giving him electrolyte drinks when he is drinking

Today I learned something very important about Jasmine and her math homework. I didn't know for the longest time why Jasmine would come home with some graded worksheet and the others were not. As it turns out, some of them worksheets are notes from class and some of them are actual homework. I tell ya it would have made things a lot less confusing had I known that from the start. Sometimes when you send your children to school and they come home with homework you'll know how to do it. A lot of the time we do not know how to do it exactly how the teacher has taught it and it would just start Jasmine in to arguments and her not wanting to do it.

She finished her homework in less then an hour tonight because mom got the papers more organized for her before she started. Now as a reward I'm cutting this post short and I'm off to make brownies with her.

Thanks for stopping by and come back tomorrow for another daily school report.

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