Friday, February 20, 2015

Daily School Report 02/20/15

I was totally right yesterday when I said that there might not be school today. Today seemed a lot colder than yesterday. I've been using the rice bag my aunt gave me for Christmas as my own personal heater. I’m always cold, even if everyone else is comfortable I am cold.

Dylan had  ABA today it went well. He did have a diaper blowout during his session and needed to take a shower. He’s still really upset when he takes a shower, but he calms down fairly quickly when he is in his bedroom again.

I had my mom come over to watch the kids so that me and Joe could go out alone. It’s a rare occasion when we can shop by ourselves. We needed to go to Home Depot to get a pipe snake. Sofia decided that she was going to put a toy in the toilet, and now it’s lodged in there. After we got the snake and attempted to use it, it wouldn't even go into the drain at all. Joe and I tried using big rubber gloves and sticking our hands in there to see if we could reach the toy but we couldn't. Joe could at first, but then it just kept getting pushed further in the drain and now it’s completely stuck and out of reach. This probably means that we’re going to have to take the entire toilet apart to get Little Miss Sofia lee's toy. I definitely need to pick up some of those safety 1st child locks for everything. Doors, cabinets, toilet lid. Sofia’s been a little obsessed about watching the toilet flush and also putting things inside the toilet when nobody’s looking and trying to flush them. You know typical 2-year old stuff.

I found some really cute sweater dresses for Jasmine at the thrift store. There was this really cute one with a dog on it that I’m almost sure will fit me too. We can share :) Here is a pic of it and Jasmine were wearing it.

I think it is completely adorable.

Well, thanks for stopping by and see you Monday for another daily School Report.

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