Monday, May 25, 2015

Nura Natural Organic Cold Pressed Rosehip Seed Oil Review

- 100% Pure Certified Organic Rosehip Seed Oil - This is the highest quality natural unrefined rosehip seed oil - No fillers, no additives, alcohol-free and fragrance-free
- Refreshes and revitalizes, to make your skin more radiant and youthful. Proven to deeply penetrate to nourish, hydrate and heal damaged skin.
- Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Soothes dry sensitive skin. Significantly improves the appearance of age spots, acne scars, eczema and dark spots. Guaranteed to restore skin's natural glow
- This is the highest quality, 100% certified organic rosehip seed oil. We produce only the purest, finest quality rosehip oil. This is NOT a low-quality oil like the ones sold in bulk - you get what you pay for.
- Also used for scars, wrinkles, age spots, burns, dry skin, stretch marks, rashes, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, sun damage, anti-inflammatory, radiation and hyper-pigmentation.

I received the product or products mentioned in this post free of charge for reviewing purposes. All opinions in this post are still my own honest ones and yours may differ from mine.

I have a lot of scarring on me from acne and so I really wanted to give this a shot on them. I am known to be a picker, its gross I know, but it is just one of those things that happens with me when I am anxious. Recently I had a bad breakout on my shoulders.

I have been using Nura's rose hip oil to try and fade the dark spots and scars. I have noticed a slight change in the dark spots. I have only been using it 2 weeks and I hope to see more results as time goes by. I apply about 2 drops per shoulder once or twice a day on clean skin.

This bottle will last you a really long time. It is only 1oz but I have been using it faithfully 2 weeks and have barely made a dent in it. If you store it in a cool place out of direct sunlight it could last you up to 6 months.

I hope you found my review to be useful.

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