Friday, October 10, 2014

Daily School Report #4


Mini post

      Jasmine and Dylan had school today but I didn't send either one of them due to Jasmine coming home yesterday with head lice, I wanted to make she wasn't going to give it to anyone else. Dylan didn't go because I wanted to make sure he didn't have them. ABA therapy was canceled for obvious reasons. I check his head but he doesn't sit still long enough  to actually see so I spent the day chasing him around the house to run the Nit comb that come in the Licefree box and he didn't have anything come out of his hair that was like lice. Dylan does have a problem with cradle cap still and them combs seem to work well for that.
Jasmine is officially lice free and now I'm still washing everything to be sure none got inside the house. All it would take is one to be somewhere my kids will lay there heads and we will have the problem again

Next school report Monday, until then:)


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