Wednesday, October 8, 2014

"Oh I'm so sorry your son has Autism"

     Every time I hear "Oh, I'm so sorry your son has autism" from anyone it makes me feel like when someone is trying to be sympathetic when you loose a loved one. Its like they give that look that says this has to be SO HARD for you to deal with. I know its just because they really don't understand, but it really upsets me. I haven't lost anything, my son is perfect the way he is and I love everything about him including his Autism. And while it might be a big part of his life and ours it's not everything. They ask well isn't it so much harder to care for a child like that? Um' no, he is my child and I couldn't imagine him any other way then how he is, to me he isn't different. He is just Dylan.

      He might not speak but it isn't that difficult for me to understand, when he smiles at me it doesn't feel any different then if one of my other children smile at me. He still laughs and plays, has certain things he likes and dislikes like any other child.  He grows a little everyday, and has strengths and weaknesses just like anyone else. I guess my point is that when you see someone with a special needs child do not tell them "Your Sorry" for them. There's nothing to be sorry for, Our special needs children are blessings just like any child.


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