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Daily School Report 11 /5 / 14


ABA therapy went well today. Dylan was a little fussy, and wanted to take more breaks than usual but all in all he did finished his tasks. Dylan's reward has been these slinky type things that are supposed to be used as a necklace to chew on. They were meant for oral stimulation as Dylan doesn't eat they were supposed to help in that area, but don't doesn't like to put them in his mouth and his therapist has found a creative way they can still be rewarding. She kind of just pull them apart and said here's the sketchy thing. Even putting them over his head sometimes and he likes it he giggles about it. Sometimes she just stretches them out over the desk , kind of like just wrapping them around the entire wood piece of the desk, the top part, and Dylan plays with them by rolling his hands on them. It amazes me sometimes the things that Dylan enjoys. Like say for instance, Dylan can look at furniture, just the structure of them the cleaner the lines the more he likes them. But he can just sit there and look at furniture and examine it for like a whole hour and be totally content with it. It kind of makes me think that he's going to be an engineer someday.

Dylan board swing come in today, the OT ordered it months ago. All of us were wondering when it would come in. We have to move Dylan's door frame swing bar to his room. We're still waiting on Dylan's own crash pad, right now he is using one they borrowed from the center. It kind of makes me nervous having it here, with any toddler something like that can get messed up easily. With Dylan I worry about things like him taking off his diaper making a mess and that mess getting on the crash pad that doesn't even belong to us. I just don't want to ruin it, and it's been a really long time I'm sure they miss it.

Today at school Dylan did the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher. Still no idea what the numbers mean.
  • 1 Imitate action with body or toys.
  • 1 Imitate speech sounds and environmental sounds
  • 1 indicated refusal by pushing away nonprefered objects with an appropriate force
  • 1 complete fine motor activity
  • 3 sit for 5 minutes at group without adult assistants
  • 2 work on age appropriate table top activity for 2 minutes

 His daily classroom actives were

  • Play skills
  • Gym class
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Language arts
  • Snack 
  • Morning work
  • Calendar
  • lunch
Teacher had made comments today was an OK day. Dylan was fussy, he cried during calendar, library and story. He did not want to complete his work activities.

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After switching Jasmine's medication yesterday at night time, she slept well but she woke up really early, like 4:20 a.m. Early. I didn't actually know this until my husband come home and told me. I thought she had just woken up before me, and then woke me up a little bit earlier than normal. I posted on Facebook she seemed super peppy, it was like she was wired. Now I know that there's an adjustment period with medications. I don't really mind her being a step either because before she was kind of sluggish and hard to get out of bed.

Tonight we are just trying to get some homework done. 2 days missed there is a lot of work to be done. Shes a cutie :)

Jasmine made this mobile at school for her little sister Sofia.

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