Thursday, November 20, 2014

Daily School Report 11/20/14


This morning I woke up pretty early myself, but Dylan on the other hand did not want to get up at all. When his therapist arrived, she tried her best to get him out of bed but we could see it in his face, he just wasn't feeling that good. I told her we should cancel today and I called the school to tell them I wouldn't be sending him there either. Everyday this week the teacher has said at around 2:00 pm Dylan would start crying and not quit until he was falling asleep on the bus. The same thing happened today at home too at about 2:15 Dylan started crying. Sure enough he was exhausted, I gave him his cup of Pedisure and he grab the tag on the inside of his shirt, laying back and to sleep he went. Sofia was also napping so I decided it was a good time to write a post :) When i finished though I felt like (no other words to describe it) CRAP. I do believe we have a bug in this house again ugh!

My poor husband! Because me and Sofia were sleeping when he got home and he didn't want to wait us up, he waited for Dylan's bus to come in the cold for about an hour before coming up to ask me where the bus would be. I told him Dylan was in his bed he didn't go to sleep he wasn't feeling well and now neither was I. I felt bad but I laughed still :) He is so sweet for not wanting to wake us up.

Tonight while my mom was doing respite hours for me, she saw Dylan was getting pink eye also in both his eyes. So it looks like we are going to have to keep him home tomorrow also and pull out those tea bags! (Did you know tea bag can cure pink eye?)


Jasmine got her bus changed today. The stop for the other was not safe to walk to in the winter time so the bus garage allowed me to change her to a more safer area :)

She didn't really have much to say about school today, I think she might have had a rough day. She asked as soon as she come home could she go to her friends house. I let her go because she didn't have homework, and I haven't been letting her go anywhere due to blizzard like conditions here. There were a few days so white out and today was warm and no snow.

Young Champions Cheer was tonight, I didn't take her, my mom did thankfully because I really didn't feel up to it. When they left I fell back to sleep and didn't wake up until almost 8, which is why this post is coming out so late. I thought it would be nice too for Jasmine to let her Nana watch her when they show the parents at the end of practice. Jasmine is so excited about Cheer, and my mom hadn't been there yet because she watches the babies for us while both Joe and I take her to Cheer.

I think we all will be calling it an early night, Hopeful we are all well by Monday :)

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