Friday, January 9, 2015

Daily School Report 01/09/15

Snow Day!!

Today both Jasmine and Dylan had snow days. Jasmine spent the entire day asking if she could go in to the freezing cold outside. I let her a few times, but she has horrible chapped lips and wind burn on her face already that I didn't let her stay out more then 30 minutes each time.

Dylan was really upset about not having ABA or school today. His therapist offered to come but I thought it was worse then it was outside because there was a huge drift right outside the door. I thought no one would be able to get in the driveway because the snow looked deep. It really wasn't though and I didn't find out until I decided it was time to shovel the sidewalks. So I told them it was OK, not to come.

Dylan needed to use his weighted vest 2 times so far today. He just keeps acting like hes crawling in his own skin screaming and clawing at himself. When we put the vest on he calms down. We soaked him in lotion, it didn't help. He's calm right now. But every time Sofia starts crying he starts back up again. I think he and his sister are just having a really off day.

It supposed to warm up soon, and I cant wait so I can take the kids outside, and Jasmine can go outside without getting wind burn.

Thanks for stopping by and there will be another daily school report on Monday.

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