Thursday, January 22, 2015


Product Description
Learning to spell has never been this much fun! This unique learning system is portable, sturdy and contains 40 interlocking magnetic upper case letters, 10 magnetic pictures, and a handy storage compartment. The Magnetic Spell and Learn Board will help your child focus on developing early vocabulary, spelling and basic phonics 
skills. Ages 3+ years.

What mom noticed straight out of the box?
  • This is a very sturdy toy, The bottom is hollow, but that doesn't make it flimsy.
  • Love the little hide away for the little magnetic "puzzle" pieces. This is really a great feature because while playing and teaching your child you and hide away the pieces to cause less distractions. Also serves as a great way to teach cleaning up and putting things where they belong.
  • Love, Love that these piece connect together as a puzzle would for 2 reasons. One being that puzzle type toys teach fine motor skills. Then also the second is that, at least for children with special needs like my son Dylan who I was reviewing this with, the magnets connecting together like that makes it harder to throw the pieces once they are on the board. (my son tends to pick up and chuck things a lot)
  • I love the bright colors of the pieces and also that there is some full words with pictures, this allows you to do some pairing word with pictures.
  • The magnets hold on tightly and the little door for storage close tightly. I picked this up with both magnets in the storage and on the actual board flipped it upside down  and nothing fell off or fell out.
  • The board also fits pretty nicely on a desk. Which works out great for us because that is where Dylan will be using it most of the time.
Only one thing that I noticed that seems like it could be annoying after a while. To get all the pieces to fit inside the actual storage space after you remove them all and disconnect them. To get them back inside the storage space you have to reconnect them perfectly or the door will not close tightly. It doesn't take too long to do, But it definitely takes much more time them just "OK clean up time" and the quickly being able to put them inside. That really cant happen with this not if your keeping all the pieces inside there.  

Overall we really like The Learning Journey - MAGNETIC SPELL AND LEARN BOARD, and find it to be a great addiction to Dylan's in home ABA therapy sessions. Great for fine motor in OT sessions as well. I would recommend this product to anyone with early learners.

I hope you found this review to be helpful :)

Big thanks to The Learning Journey for giving me this product free of charge for this review :)

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