Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Daily School Report 3/17/15

Today altogether has been a pretty sluggish day up until now. Right now, I just feel like cleaning the house from top to bottom. So spring cleaning has begun here. I have plans for cleaning and decluttering for the next few weeks.

Jasmine looked extremely exhausted this morning. I wasn't able to get her up until about 10 minutes before the bus come. She even asked if she could stay home. I told her no because I felt like she wasn't sick and so there would be no reason for her to be at home all day. Plus she already has about 7-10 late assignments to be turned in. As I mentioned yesterday she is currently grounded, after school though she tried to bring about 3 neighborhood kids home with her, and they got told to go home. She got to eat and then she is sitting at the kitchen table doing her late work. I ended up having to buy the book she is reading at school as a kindle edition because she kept forgetting to bring it home. Well, I really think she was doing it on purpose so that I couldn't make her do her homework, but now there is no excuse. They say things get worse before they get better, She is being a total rebel. If I say something in a nice tone, I'm a jerk or I'm lame. I'm going to keep at this punishment until her attitude changes. I know it's going to be really hard, but I have high hopes that if I stick to it she will see that it's unacceptable to act the way she has been.

Dylan was also really tired this morning, his worker has a heck of a time trying to wake him up. **Note to self** When you touch Dylans mouth he wakes up almost automatically. Touch anywhere else with no response, but touching his mouth makes him pop up instantly. At school, they are starting to hear more sounds come out of him. Today his teacher said she heard him say "hi" "yea" and "red". I myself have never in my life heard him saying anything close to red before, so I keep chasing him around the house saying red trying to get it to come out for me haha.

Sofia too was the same sleepy and she only woke up for about 1 hour then we both went for naps. Didn't wake up until Joe was coming home from work. Hopefully today my mom's car is fixed because I think not going to bed at 10 pm every night is taking its toll on me. I try to take my meds later because I need them to even get to sleep and then I can't wake up on time or like in the case of today at all. I don't mind being there for her when she needs it, I just take a while to adjust.

Well, Thanks for stopping by.

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