Monday, March 2, 2015

Quaker Steel Cut Oatmeal Review

I do have to say I was really excited to try this type of oatmeal. I love Quaker oatmeal, but I have never tried Quacker Steal Cut before nor have I ever tried any other brand of Steal Cut oatmeal before.
I got to try it for free through bzz agent. The flavor I received was brown sugar and cinnamon. This is my favorite flavor of Oatmeal.

Quaker's Steel Cut Oatmeal is definitely different then there original by a landslide. The texture is completely different. As soon as you open the pouch you will see this, It looks more finely ground. The texture while you're eating it something close to couscous. Which I love couscous, although when eating the oatmeal I really didn't seem to enjoy it as much though I would. It tasted great, as I expected it to, Quakers Brown sugar and cinnamon is always spot on with the taste. But being it was my first time trying this type, I think the texture of it was throwing me off quite a bit. On the other hand, my Husband really enjoyed every aspect of it. So I really think this is all about whether or not you prefer this texture over the original type. I do prefer the Original type of Quaker oatmeal over this Steel Cut type.

I do normally buy the canister type big containers full. I thought this box was kind of clever and pantry friendly. Especial if your children like this Oatmeal, It is easier for them to just grab one the pouches out and make it themselves in the microwave. 

Overall though, I would recommend everyone to at least try Steel cut once, give it a try and see it if they like it. It is completely different then the Original type of Quaker Oatmeal, but you might just find that you like it just the same if not maybe even more. My husband did prefer this type over the Original Quaker quick oats.

I hope you found this review to be helpful.

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  1. Steel cut oatmeal is so much better tasting than rolled oats!


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