Monday, March 2, 2015

*Quick Update* Busy Week

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let everyone one know that I haven't forgotten about the Daily School Reports. We have been doing a little sprucing up in our house lately, painting, trims and adding a few other touches here and there. Find the time to do that means I had to cut out some of my blogging time just for a little while. If I do find that I have time in that day to write out the report it will be there but for at least this week I won't promise them daily.

The kids have been doing pretty good in school. I also wanted to touch base with those of you who were waiting to hear about Jasmines IEP meeting that was on Thursday. The meeting its self I thought went really well. It was nice to get to meet everyone who will be involved with Jasmine from this point forward. Her Special Education teacher seemed really nice and helpful. I did Learn a few things about Jasmine that I was unaware of up until they actually started testing. The speech therapist has concerns about Jasmines vocabulary and her use of words. Now I did notice the Jasmine has a really hard time explaining herself. When you ask her how she feels or why she is doing something or what she wants to do. I a lot of the time her answers would be "I don't know". Before I heard at the IEP that she had trouble, I would have just thought that she didn't want me to know. 

I also felt like the goals set up for Jasmine will help her a lot as she moves forward. Jasmine is not being taken out of her normal classes but will also receive extra help in areas where she needs it. I'm waiting for the speech therapist to get in contact with me to let me know whether or not Jasmine will be able to receive speech services as well. As of right now I and pretty happy with what they are doing for her.

Dylan has been eating very well at school, His favorite food is Bananas. It is baby food that he is eating, but it is the start of something I have been waiting a really long time to see from him again.We are also trying to make it more of a routine at home to not let him have his bottle just anywhere he feels like it. Now I do break this rule when Dylan is in full meltdown, but I was told once by someone I really trust to stick with my gut feelings as a mother, and that you can not save a sinking ship. Meaning I feel like once he is so far gone I think he's not getting anything from me trying to teach him the routine. This is a will be the hardest thing yet to overcome with my son, but I am entirely ready to take this on.

I know I said this was going to be quick but I feel like so much is going on that I want to share lol. Another thing being that my medication I started taking about 2 and half weeks ago has me feeling like I'm losing my mind at times. I loose my thought pattern quick, forget what I'm doing, get distracted, and am finding it hard to get what I am thinking into words at times also. This is all normal while adjusting to anxiety medication. There not really helping the anxiety much yet. But I'm hoping they will work after a few more weeks. I was told this is the worst it could get and things will only get better so we shall see.

Well, check back from time to time to see how things are going, I just wanted to let everyone know everything was ok here. I think I will have time tonight to do the Daily school Report so check back even in few hours. I'll post some more pictures of Dylan eating at school too.

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