Saturday, October 11, 2014

Vacuum Horror

 Yesterday I had to go to Walmart to buy a new vacuum because mine took a poop and at the wrong time. As many of you know my daughter come home from school with head lice on Thursday and well I treated her head but I'm still treating the house top to bottom to make sure she didn't drop any of her surprise friends off for anyone else to catch. That next day I went to clean so plug in the vacuum and start rolling it around, but its not sucking up anything.  I'm like WTH!! this thing is probably clogged so I ripped the whole thing apart and start cleaning it out there wasn't a clog I could see and then I look. There's the problem right there broken belt! So I run out to the barn (we keep everything in the barn, we are country people) to get a new vacuum belt off another broken vacuum that's sitting in there and put it on. I screw everything back into place. turn the thing on start pushing it around its still not picking up anything, and has a new symptom, it's SMOKING. I turn it off and rush over to unplug it from the wall. start unscrewing everything again to see if it actually might be on fire but inside it, it wasn't but the belt I just put on it was broken. Obviously something is very wrong with this thing. My husband comes home from work to the house smelling like I caught something on fire and rubber. Looks at the 2 torn apart vacuums and then me, I say "I tried to fix it, can you just take these to the trash" That was scary, so I throw in the towel and decide its time to buy new. Chucked them old ones to the curb and make my way to Walmart.

       Now in case you didn't know I am by no means rich, and with the thought of not so pricey but something that works for us (3 adults, 5 children, 2 cats, and 1 dog) I start browsing the aisle. I hear my husband say lets get that one and laughing, I look its the exact same one we just had that ate all the belts I put into it. No thanks! I ooo and ahh over the Dyson multi-floor vacuum but that's it. $370 for vacuum is way out of our price range, I need to keep it at $100 or under. I'm like what about this one, what about that one all these vacuums look the same! We finally decide to put one in the cart, Dirt Devil total Pet for $69.98. 
I plan on doing a full review of this vacuum in the next week so watch out for that. 

That's my vacuum horror story, Whats your vacuum horror story? I would love to hear.

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