Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daily School Report 01/20/15

Today was a really odd morning for me for 2 reasons. I woke up at 5:30 am on my own and didn't go back to sleep. Then Sofia Woke up at about 8 am when she normally sleep until about 10. I have been having nightmares every time I close my eyes. I have no idea what that is about.

Dylan woke up kinda hard for his BSA. But at least he slept comfy, it was so funny we found him with half his lil' butt sticking out of his pants. Hes been taking off his diaper more and more so we try to have pants on at night now if he will fall asleep like that. most of the time not. When its colder outside it helps him want to wear more clothes and it was last night. He did have them on, they were just half off by morning lol.

ABA went well when he actually woke up. I tend to just leave them alone more and more. I been working with the same BSA for about 2 years now and I'm positive she can meet all his needs. It puts me at ease that I can sit and relax a min, or get somethings done around the house while shes here. With Sofia being up that early, I was busy with her. She seemed extra hungry today, which probably means she is growing. I know this doesn't happen to everyone, but it did with me with every kid. They grow really quickly, in size I mean. Dylan is 3 years old and already in 5t and size 4 in kids sizes and Sofia is 2, just turned 2 in December already in 3t. Then, There is Jasmine who will be 9 tomorrow and we can share clothes and shoes already! And wonder why I want so many kids, Well for one mine don't stay little long enough! lol

Today at school Dylan of the following according to the daily objectives send home sheet sent by his teacher.

1-No Response/hand over hand
2-Multiple prompts (Gestural, physical,visual, and/or verbal)
3-No more then 2 verbal prompts

  • 1 Imitate action with body or toys.
  • 1 Indicate refusal by pushing away non-preferred objects with an appropriate force.
  • 3 Request object with a single picture with open hand cue and 1 prompt
  • 2 Complete fine motor activities
  • 3 Sit for 5 minutes at group with out adult assistance
  • 2 Work on age appropriate table activity for 2 minutes

His daily classroom activities were
  • Play skills
  • Gym Class 
  • Gross motor
  • Fine motor
  • Snack 
  • Morning work 
  • Sensory Activity
  • Calendar
  • Math
  • Lunch
  • Handwriting Program

His teacher left a note that today was a great day. He seemed to be happy to be back in school today. He did not cry or get upset at all, even though most of the other kids cried most of the after noon.

I know he was happy when the bus come too, When we were going to to wait for the bus it was like a blizzard outside, Dylan didn't care though. It was kind of warm considering how much  snow was coming down.

Jasmine finished her homework today as soon as she got off the bus, but she forgot her agenda at school so I'm not totally sure if it was all her homework. I know her teacher is going to be upset with her that she keeps forgetting things. At first she thought she didn't bring it and its not like her to forget that. That is routine everyday you bring it home no matter if you have homework or not. She looked everywhere and its not here so it must still be at school.

Thanks for stopping by and stop by tomorrow for another daily school report.

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